Monthly Archives October 2017

Hachi kiipaa

The “Hachi kiipaa” or as it is more commonly referred to the “Pacifist” Achievement in the Orochi Tower in Kaidan.
This shows you the “run around like a chicken with its head cut off” method of completing the achievement.

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Lair Chess

I did it! I got enough lair bosses to setup a chess board.
Black pieces are the blue bordered, and white pieces are the purple and gold bordered.
I even made an overlay for OBS for streaming, with the letters and numbers on the columns and rows.
Next step is to play someone live on Twitch!


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SWL Achievement Mega Post

I finally put my Twitch live streamed SWL achievements up on my YouTube account.

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Walking The Bird

The Flappy regional boss in Besieged Farmlands bugged out in a couple different ways, one of which let us take him for a merry walk through the Besieged Farmlands!

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