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Solo Filthwolf (and flappy achievement!)

So yesterday was pretty crazy, did all 3 elite raids, including Flappy, and got the special achievement for Flappy as well.

Today I found the Filthwolf, which I oddly did not remember, but he has 585k health, so took a little while(10 min) to solo leech him.


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Ascending Agartha

Just messing around with Vikestart and Chaosetor from Lag Spike, seeing how high we can get in Agartha.


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Manufactory Master Planner

Shout out to Sa-i for roping together a group to master plan Manufactory!
We had a couple false starts, thanks to gear manager and a rebooting modem, but all in all, very nice run.


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TSW Steam Controller

I normally play TSW with an XBOX 360 controller (running Xpadder), but I just got a Steam Controller and wanted to try it out.

So here is me healtanking Manufactory Boss (Nightmare) with my new Steam Controller:

and here is me doing the same with my normal XBOX 360 controller setup:

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Amethyst Mouser

Huge thanks to Unicorn-Skull for duoing Cat God Nightmare with me until I got the Amethyst Mouser!


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3500+ Achievement Points = New Pet


So last week I managed to pop 2 10k achievements, The Unconquerable Spirit (killing 10,000 spirits) and Ghostbuster (killing 10,000 spectres/wraiths). This popped my achievement points over 3500 and I was able to finally buy the Multichromatic Cardinal pet!



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Happy Halloween!

Carved the Cat God for my TSW Halloween pumpkin this year:


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