Ages of Funcom Extra Life 24 hour marathon Nov 3-4!


This year for Extra Life I will be attempting to play both prior Funcom mmos, Anarchy Online and Age of Conan Unchained (neither of which I have any experience in) as well as Secret World Legends.

Also expect some unqiue mod related hijinks in SWL, and maybe some prizes???

Will likely be starting morning EST on Nov 3, exact start time is ...

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extralife tsw marathon

Did a 24 hour stream for ExtraLife charity speedrunning the original The Secret World!

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carapace completion

2 years later!

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Back2Back LGC

Back 2 back Lava Game Champion in The Secret World and Secret World Legends!

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SauceyBoi was created on 17 January 2022.
SauceyBoi has played for 5 days 8 hours 42 minutes 20 seconds.
44 stream sessions later Dante’s Hot Sauce Challenge Playthrough is complete!
(permanently taking damage from hot sauce the entire playthrough).

Dante’s Hot Sauce Run Collection


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magic hot sauce

Cost of Magic all 4 achievements while taking non-stop damage from hot sauce!

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Inescapable Romantic Cake Contest

I uh.. did a thing for Vomher‘s contest.

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worst mmo review ever

Do you have 3 hours to kill that you never want back?
Well then I have a video for you!
Worst MMO Review Ever? – Reviewing the Josh Strife Hayes Secret World Legends 

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still things to discover!

Almost 14 thousands hours in Secret World Legends and still seeing things I had not seen before!


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Lava Game the Hot Sauce way, feel the burn!

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