Monthly Archives January 2018

Aerial Tours

We have discovered that jumping and using a krampus rocket can jet you into the stratosphere, so I now present to you the Krampus Rocket Aerial Tour of SWL!

Krampus Rocket Aerial Tour of SWL

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Xylophone Achievement

The second Cost of Magic achievement “Ghastly Valentine” done on a Valentine’s scooter using a xylophone as a controller!

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W.H.O. is in Faust

W.H.O. has officially merged with Faust!


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Master of Challenges

I did it again! A bit faster than in TSW, 2,000 daily challenges!


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Icy Claus Has Come To Town

Icy Claus now has 58 Icy Claws in his sack!



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E10 New York Raid Kill

W.H.O.s first E10 New York Raid kill with Faust!

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