Solo Beehemoth

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So the story behind this is as follows.

BigMikeyOcho from the Beyond The Veil podcast mentioned in a past broadcast that I should solo one of the Beehemoths.
A Beehemoth is a giant pinata that has 40 million hit points that you can only attack with a special pinata bat that does 6k ~ 8k per hit, and a max of 1 hit per second.

Cut to a 2am drunken Shambala PvP match that included our amazing community manager Andy Benditt and the talk of him really needing to do an anniversary stream and the conversation of how I could even attempt to solo a Beehemoth came up, as in its normal location there would be no way to stop other people from joining the fight.

Thus this madness was born. The official Secret World Legends Anniversary Twitch stream with my own stream picture-in-picture where I soloed my own 40 million hitpoint Beehemoth in an unreachable location for an hour and 45 minutes while the Funcom crew did their thing and checked in to chat with me from time to time.


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