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VROOOOM…the bullets can’t hit us.

Believe it.



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King Size Fun

Andy’s livestream shenanigans left me giant size over the weekend… I did not let it go to waste!

Watch Highlight: Cost of Magic Giant Sized Full Run from JimmyTheRabbit on

Watch Highlight: In The Dusty Dark Giant Sized Full Run from JimmyTheRabbit on

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11K Hours

Time includes The Secret World, but does not include non-steam accounts (multiple), beta, test live, etc. and only 273 days after the 10k mark!


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DW Dream Team

Amazing screenshots from Funcom live stream shenanigans where Andy turned everybody into various non player models, and yours truly into a giant rabbit!

dwdreamteam dwrabbit

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Ceiling Is Lava

The ceiling is lava!

I went into my display properties and flipped my monitor display upside down and then went for the Lava Game Champion achievement live on stream!

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