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Blind Bad Soylent Date Contest

MEGAversary 3 Blind Bad Soylent Date Event!

For this contest all you had to do is eat the bad dates from the house in Scorched Desert, al Merayah and get to as many stacks as you can from SELF Healing only.

Massive congratulations to the one and only Dr-Levsky for surviving 88 bad dates poison stacks and successfully defending his title as...

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Kill Da Wabbit

MEGAversary 3 A Very MEGA Sequel Kill Da Wabbit Rosenbrawl Event!

For every 10 deaths of JimmyTheRabbit in Rosenbrawl a prize was raffled off to those in attendance.

Thanks again to everyone that attended the Kill Da Wabbit event, it was *overwhelmingly* fun!

killdawabbit_01 killdawabbit_02 killdawabbit_05 killdawabbit_03

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Perma Death Run

Perma death run completed!!! After 3 failed attempts, #4 made it all the way in 31 hours of playtime!

Here are the stats breakdown:

JTR-001 – 38 hours, 19 minutes, 20 seconds
JTR-002 – 25 hours, 44 minutes, 10 seconds
JTR-003 – 7 hours, 13 minutes, 38 seconds
JTR-004 – 30 hours, 59 minutes, 30 seconds

Total time roughly 102 hours!


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