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worst mmo review ever

Do you have 3 hours to kill that you never want back?
Well then I have a video for you!
Worst MMO Review Ever? – Reviewing the Josh Strife Hayes Secret World Legends 

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Kiddos Farming Corn

My kids are farming corn in New Dawn together. So proud!


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Secret World Pins

Thank Origami Soldier for the amazing Secret World Pins!!!


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Geary’s Coffee

I have Geary’s Coffee! Muahahaha

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New Streaming Setup

Got my new green screen setup!

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Year of the Bunny Dragon

Daimon Kiyota’s new recruitment campaign ad! It is the year of the bunny dragon!

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VROOOOM…the bullets can’t hit us.

Believe it.



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DW Dream Team

Amazing screenshots from Funcom live stream shenanigans where Andy turned everybody into various non player models, and yours truly into a giant rabbit!

dwdreamteam dwrabbit

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Funcom Best Com!

I got 2 lovely packages from the lovely people at Funcom.

An awesome card with Andys’ artwork and notes from Andy and Nicole inside, an SWL Inventory Tetris Champion t-shirt, and a jar of MtnDew Jelly!


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Gaki Beach Day

Thanks for Beach Day Andy!


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