SWL Route Guide – Scorched Desert

Guide By Denter


Did someone say Scorched Desert Speedfarm? Here you go! Takes around 1:45 – 2 hours if u have enough room for 46 glyph-, 56 weapon- and 112 talisman bags and don´t have to go to the bank. Have fun!

1 pickup The Siege of al-Merayah + Supply Run, Too + Headhunter
2 complete local event: 12 Inducted Villagers during 1)
3 pickup + complete The Defence Never Rests
4 complete Headhunter and turn in Supply Run
5 pickup + complete The Bomb Squad + Friends and Neighbors
6 pickup An Uneasy Alliance + Angels & Demons
→ click on a snake for 6 a and complete 6 b.
PC password: 305)) and crate code: 2435
7) local event: 12 Looters
8) complete An Uneasy Alliance and port back to al-Merayah

9) pickup Old Gods, New Tricks
10) pickup + complete Moving Mountains
11) pickup + complete Scorched Earth
12) pickup + complete Plague of Locusts
→ progress Old Gods, New Tricks along with the 3 side missions
→ complete Old Gods, New Tricks, port to al-Merayah and turn in all missions

13) pickup + complete A Lion in the Streets (port: Hotel Wahid)
14) pickup + complete Ghoul Pool behind the hotel

15) pickup The High Cost of Dying
16) pickup + complete The Eighth Plague
→ finish The High Cost of Dying + port to Hotel Wahid

17 pickup A Shadow over Egypt
→ port to Scorched Flats
18 pickup + complete Between a Rock and a Hard Place
→ port to Scorched Flats & continue A Shadow over Egypt
19 pickup Snakes and Looters
→ finish A Shadow over Egypt
20) port to Packing Plant Overlook, pickup & complete A Ghoulish Fate
(use 5 explosives at once)
→ port to al-Merayah, turn in Snakes and Looters

21) pickup + complete The Madness of Men
→ local event: 10 Flame Spirits = no-brainer
22) pickup + complete The Little Drone That Could

23) pickup Drone Phone Home + From Below + Pass the Ammunition
→ only follow/start the drone after you defended the orochi attack
→ pickup ammunition during escorting the drone
→ defend the drone during the upload at the antenna but leave it behind after the event is done
→ proceed and complete From Below

24) pickup and complete Primum Non Nocere
→ return to the drone, escort it back to the camp and turn in all quests

25) pickup + complete The Prometheus Initiative (code: 1981)
→ pickup + complete Old Scotch, New Problems meanwhile
26) turn in the bottles and pickup + complete Droning On and On

27) pickup + complete A Flight of Locusts
28) pickup + complete The Final Destination

29) port to Forsaken Glyph and pickup all quests from Jesus
→ first off complete the Unburnt Bush (guide) and collect the 2 items for the side mission
30) kill the Golem and the Mummy and complete The Last Legion and Scattered to the Wind
→ u can burst the big dude during his ground attack to skip 2-3 add waves
31) pickup and complete Council Corpus
→ port back to Jesus and turn in 1 side quest
→ use the altar and finish the 2nd side quest (no need to follow the slow ass spirit if u know the final location)
→ port to al-Merayah and turn in the 3rd side quest

32) port to Marya Basecamp and pickup all 3 side quests + Live Free, Die Hard
→ ignore the Atenist Thumper & Militia and just kill 5 Demolitionists for the local event
→ collect all the artifacts and ammo crates
→ finish Live Free, Die Hard
→ turn in Package Problem in al-Merayah and port back to Marya Basecamp

33) pickup Demolition Man
34) pickup + complete The Scorpion Queen first and then continue with Demolition Man
35) pickup + complete Filthy Science

36) port to The Way of Aten and pickup + complete Modern Archaeology
37) take a shortcut at 840, 930 and pickup + complete Tomb Much Trouble
38) turn in Modern Archaeology and pickup + complete Not by Bread Alone

39) port to The Way of Aten and pickup Ruined and Not on Google Maps
→ kill 3 Jinns for the local event
40) complete Ruined, use the jump pad and complete local event 12 Little Red Death
41) jump down, enter City of the Sun God through the gate and turn in Not on Google Maps