TSW Resources

Here is a list of helpful TSW websites:

one of the biggest resources around, builds, mission guides, cosmetics, achievements, etc.

TSW Builds
High DPS builds

TSW Calc
for calculating stats on gear

TSW Mods on Curse
Lots of useful mods for TSW

Lair Manager
For coordinating lair runs

TSW Chat Commands
useful list of chat commands


Here is a list of mods that have unofficial updates only available on the forums:

Advanced Tradepost Release V 0.8.1 (unofficial)
improved bank and market functions, things like auto-stacking items from inventory to bank

FiveAlive 2 Update V 2.2.2 (unofficial)
improved group window visual as well as functionality

Golem Tracker
tracks golem cooldowns for the Guardian of Gaia events

UltimateCrafter – Improved Assembly Window Unofficial Update
auto break items, auto upgrade materials, built-in crafting patterns, literally the bees knees

meeehrUI Character Sheet
this replaces the normal character sheet with a much better one imo, it is an add-on to the meehrUI-Topbar, so you will need that as well (listed further down).

Here are the mods I use in addition to the ones listed above:

auto roll on loot

for quick changing abilities and passives

a buff monitor that displays visualizations of specified buffs
Click To Download My Effects UI Settings

an aegis system management module

collection of configurable tweaks for the default ui

a customisable ultimate ability button

Valyrie’s Fashionista
a wardrobe where you can create, update, preview and equip different clothing outfits

Valyrie’s Friends Enhanced
extends the original friends menu by adding functionality like preferred player roles and personal notes about players

Gear Manager Menu
quick access to sorted builds

adds a drag and drop hotbar to the ui, items on the hotbar can be triggered via keyboard shortcuts

Valyrie’s Infarmer
keeps a visual track on-screen of the progress of selected achievements

Resource Relocator
enables you to move and resize your resource icons, resource icons can be placed anywhere on screen

Survivor Tracker
Adds an HP bar below the survivor counter which links to the survivor with the lowest HP in the vicinity (around 20m range)

for parsing DPS, this link will help with installation and setup for ACT, it’s TSW plugin, and the TSW addon

Uta Madre 2
tracks all 3 Utas during the first fight in the Penthouse dungeon,
now also tracks HE boss5, HF boss3+6,MFA boss2+3,EidolonNM, and NYR NM

Viper’s Castbar Relocator
scale and place castbars anywhere on the screen

adds a bunch of information to the black bar at the top of the screen, as well as an add-on manager