Monthly Archives December 2015

Run Rabbit Run

Finishing Breached Boss 3 without the tank.

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Dancing Dead

Apparently the Lord of Misrule can make you dance even when you are dead?!


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Soloed Bolon Yokte’ K’uh

Soloed the The Road to Xibalba dungeon and got this screenshot.
Normal, not nightmare, the adds were a bit much on nightmare.


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Manufactory Breached Master Planner

Completed Manufactory Breached Master Planner today, twice actually.
After the second time us rabbits began to multiply.


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Lair Jacket!

Finally got my Lair Jacket! Healtanked the Transylvania regional boss for it.
Also got my first Miraculous Augment by 3 manning group nightmares with Unicorn-Skull and Shiketsu-San.
We platted the first 2 scenarios, but got robbed on Castle due to a bugged slow that was invincible.


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Ankh Normal Solo

So the shotgun skin I wanted only drops in Ankh normal, so I decided to try and solo it, successfully!
Interesting experiment, took me about 3 or 4 different builds to get through it, highly entertaining.


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