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Finally got my Lair Jacket! Healtanked the Transylvania regional boss for it.
Also got my first Miraculous Augment by 3 manning group nightmares with Unicorn-Skull and Shiketsu-San.
We platted the first 2 scenarios, but got robbed on Castle due to a bugged slow that was invincible.


Editor's Pick

  • Published On: June 5, 2024
  • This is an excerpt from my Secret World Legends challenge run where the lighting was turned off (thanks to SecretFox for the mod)!

    Published On: June 1, 2024
  • Secret World Legends 100% completion with the lights out! Thanks to Secret Fox for the custom mod to disable the lighting in the game.

    Lights Out Twitch Collection

    Published On: May 17, 2024