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W.H.O. raids naked?

This a “naked” (no gear equipped, only level 1 green weapons) clear of New York Raid Story mode. Next time, Elite 1!
Thanks to the W.H.O. cabal members that were able (and willing!) to join for this silly thing: DenExoun,DumbOx, Drenneth, Fliksy, Heren40, Jay6, Nyad, Pruit, Steppaz.

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6k achievement points

6k achievement points, and a shiny Jerónimo de Montejo to boot!


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Naked vs the ur draugh

For Extra Life Game Day this year I decided to try soloing an Elite 1 dungeon with no talismans, base green weapons, and zero item power on the character sheet.
It took about 2 and half hours, but it was a pretty entertaining jaunt!
You can watch the full length run here:

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