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Dark Agartha pants off dance off

Dark Agartha. No talismans. Zero item power. Green level 1 weapons. Difficulty… Elite 5!

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Kyat Rescuer

As part of the April Fool’s update they added a new exclusive invite only Fight Club.
In this new area you can fight NPCs named after various community members, one of which Crazy Kyat Lady drops a key card that unlocks a mission … to rescue kyats!
50 kyats in 4 minutes is needed to unlock the reward (a new pet), this is my 2:58 run!

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Prestigious Benefactor

Museum completed in Secret World Legends!!!
Second time completing a museum in Secret World for me, nice to have my mini-me gadget back!

museumfinished vlcsnap-2019-04-03-09h43m36s630

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POV Tank Commander

Tank commander kill on Elite 4 in First Person!!!

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Like Riding a Bicycle… Into a Tank

Holy hell my hands have not hurt so much since first time healtanking MFA back in TSW. 18th try is the charm!

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