SWL Route Guide – Kaidan

Guide By Denter


Teleport: Kaidan – Downtown

1) start Texts + Feed the Tank
meanwhile: Kill 10 Filth creatures
Texts WP: a) 318 /605 b) 257 / 688 c) 380 / 793

pickup both Tank-batteries after c)

finish Texts at 502 605

2) start Noodles & Swords
3) climb the ladder at 619 670 and start & finish The Corpse and the Key
4) port to the CDC Camp and pick up the Tank batterie
meanwhile kill 12 Filth creatures
5) start & finish Death & Noodles
meanwhile kill 5 Filthy HAZMAT

6) port to The Wall and collect the missing Tank batteries
meanwhile kill 8 Compromised Effigies (in the far east)

7) turn in the quests at Susanoos Diner and Kurt

(very time intensive part ahead! The 2 Action quests take some time, Furious Road can only be completed during The Chrome Steed though and with 2 fast events on the way, Through the Wake Darkly is well worth it in my opinion)

8) port to Ginpachi Park and start + finish Furious Road and The Chrome Steed
(if u are lucky u can complete Kill 6 Onryo during the 2. stop)
9) port back to Ginpachi Park and start + finish Through the Wake Darkly
meanwhile kill 8 Deep Ones (start objective)
meanwhile kill 8 Oni (end objective)
10) start & finish Mask of the Oni (port to the Bathhouse)

11) start & finsih The Ghost Lord (meanwhile kill 6 Onryo if still open)
+ Chasing Bad Luck (Boss teleports to different locations)
+ Samurai Robots Can Happen To Everyone (meanwhile kill 6 Robots)
in any order you might like

Technically there is 1 Sidequest missing on the North Kaidan route but since the Action-Mission (Brotherly Loathe) in the Oni Camp is needed to obtain the quest and takes for fucking ever, I will simply skip that one.

South Kaidan:

12) port to The Docks (you need an achievement to unlock this anima well. it is obtained by opening purple containers with your filth keys)
13) start & finish O Captain!
make sure to trigger the event kill 8 Fungal creatures so the one on the boat count towards the event
14) run towards the next quest in the north west and kill 4 Apes on the way
15) start & finish The Fruiting Bodies
kill all the stuff while making your way to the sidequest in the north east
16) start & finish Short Circuit (on top of the crane, u have to jump down carefully to collect to items, 1 can be obtain by climbing the stairs again)

17) port to CDC Camp and start + finish Middle Management
meanwhile kill 8 Orochi Personnel
18) start & finish Ravenous (End Point: 700 / 310) +
Pirating the Signal (a) 829 260, b) 750 130 c) 875 160
19) start & finish Message to Hell

20) port to the CDC Camp and start Waste Not
meanwhile kill 12 Filth Guys at the Train Station
21) start Hardware Test
22) start & finish Judas Mech

23) start The Tenebrous Sky if you like to hunt down Flappys…can be pretty annoying and take some time tho. Best place might be at the playground (830 170) since they are flying low there (Thanks Jimmy!). I recommend to do this one at the end of the Route!

→ kill the remaining Robots for Hardware Test

24) finish Waste Not
a) port to the CDC camp and jump up to 945 380
b) port to the Shinto Shrine and go to 850 22 under the bridge
meanwhile kill 5 Onryo
c) port to the Wall and go to 380 250

At this point you should have collected 21 Keys (without the missing Oni Quest) and 72 Talisman- and 36 Glyph- & Weapon Bags + a bunch of Anima Shards (~70k when selling all of the loot) and EP.