Here is a list of helpful SWL websites:

one of the biggest resources around, builds, mission guides, cosmetics, achievements, etc.

SWL/TSW Mods on Curse
Lots of useful mods for SWL/TSW

Tracks in-game prices of items for both historical and current data.
Online deck builder for SWL

SecretFox Mods
SecretFox makes a ton of useful and unique mods for SWL

TSW Chat Commands
useful list of chat commands

Daestrus’ Occult Museum SWL (Blank)
Occult Museum cost/checklist sheet


Here are the mods I use:

This addon enables automatically sprint for you whenever possible

Saves builds, outfits, and has a visual favorites bar

Effects UI: Legends
Monitors active effects and abilities-as-they-cast with multiple types of visualization – bars, warning text, counters, text logs, TSW style icons, etc!

A custom group/raid window mod from TSW that someone ported to SWL

Proximity alerts for not only lair items but side mission items in general, a must have for South Africa

Proximity alerts when approaching lore pickups

PhotoMode mod for Secret World Legends (including Freefly camera!)

SWLMarket Addon
Addon to help keep the SWLMarket updated

Tradepost Utility
Stores the sell price and exp date, price check option, auto search when selling

Valyrie’s Friends Enhanced

added some much needed functionality like preferred player roles and personal notes about players.

Valyrie’s Infarmer

keeps a visual track on-screen of the progress of selected achievements

for parsing DPS, this link will help with installation and setup for ACT, it’s TSW plugin, and the TSW addon