Monthly Archives October 2015

Cat God NM Solo

Soloed The Cat God NM! And it only took about 15 minutes… sadly no pet drop.


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New baby & Scenario Achievement!

Had a new baby boy on Thursday and on Sunday completed Hotel Nightmare Solo Platinum Scenario while holding him!

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NYR Rabbit God!

Somehow I became invulnerable to damage from the lurker when tanking NYR this evening.
Rabbit god FTW!

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Stonehenge 1 Million!

Broke over 1 Million in points and damage in Stonehenge today!


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Manufactory Nightmare Completed

Massive thanks to Sa-i for keeping the instance open at boss 5 when a couple of us had to ditch out to run NY Raid. Pretty productive day, completed Penthouse NM, NY Raid, and Manufactory NM … more or less in a row.


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Completed All Scenario Achievements!

Got the last scenario achievement I needed (castle group nightmare) and my white Council of Venice hoodie!
Thanks to Tenshinn, Timaios, Taiver, and fourth whose name I missed (unfortunately).


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Final Solo NM Plat Scenario

Soloing Hotel NM Plat took me so long to work up to, and now in 2 days (and 2 attempts per scenario) I finally achieved both Solo NM Plat Mansion and Castle!
The photo is showing off the achievement items (Ak’Ab Slayer’s Headdress, Demonic Jinn Grips, Super Soldier Chemical Tank Harness).


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